Increases in funding for home improvement Grants

Getting better all the Time.

Well that definitely seems to be the case when it comes to Home Improvement Grants from SEAI

From  April 2018,  homeowners can qualify for a €3,500 grant to install a heat pump.

Grants for heating control upgrades and external wall insulation  have also been increased from January of this year.

External wall insulation upgrades will qualify for 33 per cent more funding. Details of the changes are in the table below.

The grants are part of the Better Energy Homes scheme and only apply to homes built pre-2006.

  Current grantsFrom April 2018
Heat pump (air to water, ground source, water source, exhaust air)€3,500
Heat pump (air to air)€600
Heating controls€600€700
Boiler upgrade with heating controls€700
External wall insulationDetached€4,500€6,000
Semi-detached or end of terrace€3,400€4,500
Mid terrace or apartment€2,250€2,750


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