Upgrade Your Home

April 2018

There has never been a Better Time to Updgrade your Home…..

Improvements in technology and some very generous grants  from The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) means that there are great opportuniies for you to make your home more comfortable, warmer and save money on your energy bills.

The grants  vary but typically  they  will cover about 30% of the average cost of the upgrade works.

More than 200.ooo k Irish homes have benefited from grants through the SEAI to make home energy improvements.

The grants are available for upgrades like roof and wall insulation, heating system upgrades and solar heating.

Now SEAI have introduced grants for heat pumps see  www.seai.ie/homeenergygrants.

Grants are available to homes built before 2006 for attic insulation, wall insulation (internal and external), heating upgrades and solar heating. The fixed grant payments range from €300 for attic insulation to €4,500 for external wall insulation on a detached house, with varying amounts in between, depending on the upgrade undertaken. There are additional bonus payments if three or more upgrades are completed.

A typical inefficient three bed semi-detached household might spend about €2,500 on energy bills per year, of which €1,800 goes towards heating. If  you have your walls insulated and a new heating system installed, you could potentially save over 30% on your  bills.

After the long cold winter that we have just experienced,  now is the ideal time to think about heating and insulation upgrades. These are fool proof ways of making our homes cosier and less costly to run, while also benefiting the environment.

The SEAI is a great resource and I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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